Pimped Out Crack Whore Still Loves Sex With Strangers Despite Her Nasty Experiences

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You know, in another life, Sunny could’ve been an attractive independent escort. Trading on her looks, working for herself, only seeing a few regular clients who treat her well and pay her better. She certainly seems like an attractive woman, despite the tattoos being a minor blemish.

But this isn’t another life. This is real life, and it hurts real bad. Pimped out since she was 16, working for herself is but a (crack) pipe dream. And even if she could find a way out of such a dead end existence, she still wouldn’t grasp the opportunity. Why? Because this mature street prostitute is as addicted to cock as she is to crack! It’s a vicious cycle she can’t seem to break, and I’m sure her customers are as grateful as the guy who fucks her in this vid!

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Asian Hooker Gets Choked While Being Fucked Hard By Intense Looking Customer

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Here’s one for all you truckers out there…a hooker getting choked on the job! Just grow a beard, get an alibi and your secret will be safe with us ;)

I’m joking of course…the real reason this Asian teen hooker is being choked is because she loves the hard rough sex, and her compassionate customer wants to make her orgasm as intense and exciting as possible. He might look mean and moody, but I’m sure that when he’s off the ‘roids he’s the nicest guy in the world! He even kisses her in the build-up, and holds her petite young body in his strong muscular arms. I bet she’s never felt so wanted and so cherished!

Just so long as he remembers to loosen his grip, once he’s finished shooting his load inside that tight young cunt. If her face turns blue then he might have a problem!

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Dutch Prostitute Rides Cock Cowgirl Style

Brothel prostitutes who enjoy their work never get tired of fucking in the mirror. Every time she watches herself fuck, she is reminded of the fact that she loves sex so much, she does it for a living!

And even when she’s faced away from the mirror, like in the reverse cowgirl position, the hooker still rides cock like a true performer! Lucky that the cameras are in, capturing every minute of her cock fixation as another sex tourist pounds her pussy hard

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Czech Student Girl Becomes A Street Prostitute

What’s the difference between a street girl, and a girl in the street? Answer: about 200 euros!

The girls approached on Czech Streets look like real college girls, which makes it so enticing to see them become “hookers for a day”. Maybe they approach a lot of girls who say no, but the girls who say yes seem very keen to suck and fuck on cam! A combination of sex and money is irresistible to some, especially if the girl is an exhibitionist who wants to show the watching world that she’s a great sexual performer!

She gives good service, that’s for sure. And if she can’t find a job when she graduates, maybe she now has a back-up plan…

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Long Haired Teen Escort Gets Fucked On The Job

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She’s got a tidy little arse, this one. She’s the type of hooker where it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want to fuck face-to-face, because it’s such a pleasure to bang her pussy hard from behind, while she’s on all fours. This teen escort‘s hips fit so snugly into the punter’s grateful hands. Like many new teenage prostitutes, she’s still a little shy on the job and doesn’t make too much noise. But she’s not exactly saying no, is she?

She’s a real beauty this one, with lovely long blonde hair. And it seems she does enjoy the face-to-face fucking, because she fondly strokes the old punter’s face while breathlessly riding his cock!

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Teen Student Fucks A Blind Date For Cash

Teenage hooker wearing red = asking for trouble!

Like many Eastern European girls, she becomes a young courtesan to finance her studies. She’ll still go out on dates with male students, but they won’t be free. She’s an escort now, and she thinks like an escort, but the good news is that she really loves her new job. She loves fucking young guys and old guys for cash, and perhaps even her college professors!

So this guy calls up for a date, but he doesn’t want to waste time in a restaurant. Our night lady in red is all smiles as she seduces him, strips him naked and starts sucking his cock. He enjoys bondage, and she loves being in control, so the hooker is perfectly happy to tie his wrists to the bed. She massages her client’s cock with her tits, and then climbs aboard to ride him when he’s hard enough. She ends up cumming when he starts pounding her pussy, and throughout it all, this happy teen hooker hardly ever stops smiling!

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Big Butt Black Hooker Licked And Fucked By A Player

Many punters are squeamish about licking a prostitute’s pussy, but maybe it’s different in the hood! This ghetto hooker seems happy enough, and she gets a nice big thick black rod to ride on…

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Football Hooligans Attack Red Light Sex Trips Film Crew!

For those who haven’t seen it, this is the moment when a Red Light Sex Trips porn shoot gets “interrupted” by rioting football hoolgians in Amsterdam, at the recent Ajax vs Manchester United game.

The guy who gets hit is actually the punter, and not a member of the crew, so I hope he got a freebie afterwards!

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British Escort In Eager Anticipation Of Some Nice Hard Cock

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Another one who clearly enjoys her work. UK escort Kitty is no stranger to cock, but there’s a sense of anticipation that the cock she so lovingly sucked is about to penetrate her wet and not-so-tight cunt. The punter may not have the biggest dick in the world, and she may insist that he wears a condom, but he’s determined to give her pussy a right good shafting…

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Crack Hooker Survives Physical Abuse And Still Loves Sex

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For a girl who’s had the men in her life beat the shit out of her, this crack whore is still happy to have her pussy pounded hard by any guy willing to pay for her next fix.

In between bouts of throwing up in the toilet, drug addicted prostitute Manda gives us her sordid confession. She was in an abusive relationship with her babyfather, and stuck with him for the sake of the kid despite the fact that he beat the shit out of her. Hence the addiction, to numb the pain, and from the looks of things she’s addicted to sex too…

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2-Girl Special In Amsterdam For Lucky Colombian Sex Tourist

Actually we get 3 hookers for the price of 1 here, as the folks at Red Light Sex Trips have decided to combine 2 scenes into the same video trailer. As ever with these, skip the boring spoken intro and fast forward to about halfway through. Here we can see sex tourists, one from India and the other from Colombia. Amsterdam’s reputation is truly global.

Bloke from India gets his dick sucked by a slutty looking blonde prostitute, while the punter from Colombia gets really lucky. The girl who sets him up with his hooker of choice decides to join in…for free! Maybe he brought some marching powder with him..?

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Russian Teen Girlfriend Pimped Out To A Black Guy

Well hung young black men have no need to pay for sex, but still, it makes for a nice hooker and pimp fantasy to have the girl’s pussy pounded by a big black cock. Being Russian, this blonde teen girlfriend probably isn’t used to being fucked by black guys, but she soon gets the hang of it and is cumming in no time…

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UK Prostitute Gets Fucked Doggy Style

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Doesn’t it feel satisfying to fuck a hooker hard from behind?

I mean, even if she isn’t the best looking, it doesn’t matter so long as her hips fit tightly into your hands, and your cock fits snugly inside her warm wet pussy. Go on, give that snatch a fucking good pounding. It’s what you came in for, to relieve the stresses of a hard working week. And if she’s any good you can cum back next week, and the week after that.

I bet she loves it doggystyle. Even if she says she doesn’t like the job, she certanily enjoys it at moments like this. A cock’s a cock, and for that she’s grateful…

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Crack Whore Tells Us All About The Things That Make Her High

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“The thing about this drug”, trailer park crack hooker Carly tells us, “is that it gives you no fear”. Now this can mean no fear of committing crimes, no fear of going to jail, no fear even of ripping people off. But it can also mean “no fear” when it comes to providing sexual services for her customers. Because she’s high on crack, every job feels great. Her handjobs are “the best you’ll ever have”, and her blowjobs are most likely a nice warm experience unless she’s in a hurry. There’s a BIG difference between a hooker who fucks for drug money, and a hooker who fucks while she’s actually high on drugs.

Carly seems to relish the chance of confessing and baring all on cam. Once she starts talking, she can’t shut up, and after a couple of comfort breaks, she’s ready to play with her pussy, suck cock and get fucked. Those soft fleshy ass cheeks must feel so satisfying for the customer as he bbangs her pussy hard, and he ends up cumming all over her asshole…

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Brunette Amsterdam Hooker Enjoys Fucking Punter On Cam

Another one who loves her work…Dutch prostitute Marie almost seems to enjoy herself even more than the punter does! No sooner have the introductions been made, than it’s off to the private room for the sex that both punter and prostitute have eagerly anticipated. Marie is soon naked and bouncing up and down on his cock like a rabbit on heat, maoning and embracing her special customer. Next she’s flat on her back, legs obligingly apart and wrapped around him as he plunders her pussy.

She then obediently sucks his cock to orgasm, and I’ll bet that both are disappointed that they can’t carry on for longer! But the money’s been paid, time’s up, and a good time has been had by one and all…

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