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Oh come on, we’ve all been there, early on in our punting lives. Handling the goods before paying for them. This eager punter can’t keep his hands to himself. But this sexy brothel prostitute has seen it all before. She’s had worse on the streets, and the money’s worth the hassle. She’s just grateful to be working in a nice warm massage parlour, and she spends her money wisely these days.

In the gallery we can see just what a natural she is for both prostitution and porn. All dressed up in stockings and boots, she takes great pride and pleasure in her work. She does all the standard hooker positions, like kneeling across the guy’s thighs while giving him a handjob. She likes to ride his cock too, and grinds her arse like a true professional.

Real Punting. So real you can almost smell the tart’s perfume…

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