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Brazilian Hooker In Boots Wanks And Sucks A Punter

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It’s nice to see an immigrant bring some specialist skills into the UK!

Brazilian prostitute Sacha could probably be described as “exotic”, and she seems to enjoy her work. Once the paperwork has been taken care of, this Latina escort is happy to strip right down to her panties and thigh high leather boots. The punter’s cock is twitching and stiffening already, but the hooker helps it on its way by wanking him and giving him a sexy blowjob. Once the rubber goes on it’s time for hardcore sex, and Sacha is more than happy to demonstrate her Latin American flair by riding his cock and letting him pound her pussy…

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Amsterdam Hooker Gives Sexy Blowjobs

As soon as we see a hooker in action, we can tell if she loves her work. The Dutch red light district prostitute is happy to put some effort into her cocksucking, and I’m sure that the sex tourist guy feels that she was well worth the money. She enjoys riding his cock and getting fucked on her hands and knees, eventually letting the customer spunk all over her fac. A happy hooker provides a satisfactory experience for all parties!

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Dissatisfied Pimp Gives Hooker A Red Ass From Hard Spanking

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Honestly, it’s no wonder that this beautiful redhead pimpess is upset with her brunette employee. Times are tough, money is tight, and even the traditional money-spinning careers are struggling to break even. This submissive brunette may have all the attributes to be a call girl, but frankly she’s not putting herself out enough. That tight ass of hers gets a well deserved spanking, until it’s bloodied and bruised. If she’s not careful, this under-performing escort might lose the only type of work she’s willing to get out of bed for!

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Trailer Trash Crackhead Fucks For Drug Money

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She works long hours, but she’s not exactly a happy hooker. Street prostitute Sadie became a full-time streetwalker when her drug addictions spiralled out of control. Her eyes are glazed and she sounds incoherent as she talks on cam without really answering the interviewer’s questions. She’s got track marks all over her body…doctors have told her to stop shooting up or she’ll die, but she’s a full-blown addict and has some drug paraphenalia in the video with her. Doesn’t look like she’ll give up any time soon.

I think she likes sex, but bad experiences have clearly affected her. She seems to trust the interviewer though, and has no problems sucking his dick. He goes on to ride her bareback and blow his load in her mouth…

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Blonde British Hooker Fucked Hard By Punter

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I’m guessing that blonde UK escort Brooke is the type who really enjoys her work. Dressed to please the punter in lingerie and stockings, she soon gets her kit off and gives her customer a warm teasing blowjob with sexy eye contact. This is the point in the punt where you’ll either get turned on or turned off. If her cocksucking is cold and robotic, you’ll find your dick drooping quicker than if you’d just drunk 10 pints of beer. But if she gives good head then your cock will be really hard and determined to fuck her pussy.

Looks like the hooker has given a good blowjob, because the punter pulls those stockinged legs apart and is about to slide that hard cock deep inside her cunt. And from the way the prostitute is fondling her own tits, it looks like she’s eagerly anticipating a good hard fucking too…

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Eastern European Student Teen Becomes A Hooker

Money talks, doesn’t it?

It certainly does for this college girl, who knows that she has to capitalize on her best assets when she’s young and sexy. Her rent and partying lifestyle won’t pay for themselves, so she turns to escort work to make sure she’s always got enough cash. And she’s a happy hooker too, from the looks of things, smiling and flirting her way through this sexy encounter with a customer. She doesn’t hesitate to offer GFE, kissing the guy and even letting him lick her pussy. But it’s hardcore sex that this fresh young prostitute wants, and before long she’s soon riding her client’s cock and cumming on the job…

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Sex Tourist Fucks Cute Blonde Amsterdam Prostitute

As ever with these Red Light Sex Trips videos, fast forward through the talking and get straight to the important stuff. The guy asked for a cute young blonde, and he certainly gets his wish with the petite hooker that is presented to him. Once the paperwork is done and dusted, it’s straight down to business. The customer has no qualms about licking the prostitute’s pussy, and, once she is sufficiently lubricated, it’s on with the condom so she can ride his cock. She’s only got small tits, but they are bouncing as she slides up and down her client’s throbbing dick. He fucks her in other sexual positions, totally getting his money’s worth, before cumming all over the hooker’s face!

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Russian Teen Couple Become Pimp And Prostitute

Many real couples have pimp and hooker fantasies. But when money is tight and there is no other choice, then the fantasy needs to become a reality. Russian teen college student couples need to pay the rent, put food on the table, buy books and still have enough money to go out partying. And with no regular jobs available, then the girlfriend must do the job that really she always wanted to do. Her boyfriend is more than happy to pimp her out, and she loves the thought of fucking strangers for cash.

Our newbie hooker is shy at first, and the “pimp” looks more than a little nervous. But the girl soon gets into her strdie, and offers her client the perfect GFE. She looks such a natural as she rides his cock, and even finds herself cumming on the job!

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Crack Hooker Just Out Of Prison Talks Drugs And Prostitution

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Riley is a streetwalker just released from prison, and straight back into her crack whore lifestyle. She works the streets and does escort work, fucking for drugs and for cash. In the video she talks about her prison sex stories, like how to make your own strapons and dildos Like many prison whores, she goes in straight and comes out bi. This trashy prostitute also talks about fucking drug dealers for a fix, letting them gangbang her pussy and her ass. The intereviewer asks this street hooker to demonstrate her cocksucking skills, and of course she’s happy to give him a blowjob. This is actually one of the tamer stories on Crack Whore Confessions. Please check out the site for some seriously nasty and fucked up stories that I dare not put on this blog.

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Dutch Hooker Sex Video

Polish men with shaven heads are as hard as nails, and this sex tourist proves it by giving an Amsterdam window prostitute a right good pounding. He’s actually quite soft and sensitive with her at first, kissing her body and engaging in sexy foreplay. But once the hooker is naked, all he wants is her pussy. She’s really into it too, grinding as she rides his cock, building up the speed and intensity. But it’s when he bends her over and fucks her from behind, that he truly goes into overdrive. Bodies slapping together as he thrusts his cock as hard as he can into the prostitute’s hot wet cunt. Even though she’s a working girl, she is truly enjoying this fuck, and is red in the face and cumming in no time. The guy finally shoots his load all over the prostitute’s face. And even though she is sweating, panting and totally exhausted, the dirty look she throws to camera suggests that actually she’d quite like some more of what she’s just had…

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UK Hooker Puts On A Dildo Masturbation Sex Show

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Sometimes a punter might be a bit too nervous to fuck the escort at the start of the session. or maybe he just needs some “encouragement” to get wood and be ready to perform. In which case, slutty British prostitute Lousie is happy to offer him all the encouragement he could possibly need, by putting on a masturbation show with her favorite sex toys. Stripping down to her lingerie and stockings, and showing off her pierced nipples and clit, she casually pulls her thong to one side and opens her legs. It’s a big plastic dildo, but it will definitely loosen her up before fucking her customer’s cock. She slides it all the way in, stretching her pussy wide open, and then swaps it for another of her favourite toys.

She even has one for her arse hole, suggesting that this working escort does “A-levels” too. It’s ok, she’s in no rush, so take all the time you need to get hard ;)

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Blonde Teen Hooker Fucks Filthy British Perv

It’s always nice when they’re keen, and blonde teen prostitute Zafira May is definitely keen to please our dear old British punter Jim Slip. Dressed in red fishnet stockings and thigh high boots, she finds that the role of trashy hooker comes very natural to her. There’s even a hint of intimacy here, with Mr Slip kissing the prostitute before settling down to business. This slutty hooker gives really sexy blowjobs, making slow sexy eyes at the camera and smiling deviously. Sure enough Jim’s cock is soon hard, and he doesn’t waste any time in plundering her pussy. The teenage prostitute enjoys fucking on cam so much, I don’t think she wants this punt to end!

All in all a perfect 10 ;)

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Amsterdam Hooker Sucks Cock And Gets Fucked

I have long believed that girls in mainland Europe are the best at sucking cock. They’re so patient, so diligent…like servant girls, they’ll stay down on their knees for as long as is needed. But this Dutch hooker has a pent-up punter who wants to get on with things. As much as he’s enjoying her sexy blowjob, he came to the sex shop to pound some pussy.

And on her back, this Amsterdam prostitute is just as obliging. Still and relaxed, with her legs wide apart, she lets her sex tourist customer take control of her body, and make sure he gets his money’s worth…

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Little Brunette Hooker Gives The Sexy Blowjob Eyes

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It’s the attention to detail, and the willingness to please the punter, that sets the best prostitutes apart from the rest. The UK brothel hooker in these pics looks very eager to please, as she settles into a submissive position on her knees and lovingly sucks the punter’s cock. No condom required, and you can cum in mouth, although obviously it’s nice to last a lot longer and get your money’s worth! But Ruby looks like the type of hooker who would offer you seconds even if you did shoot your load all over her face.

And she has the sexy blowjob eyes, which is always good to see. She’ll keep on staring at you, girlfriend style, as she sucks the head of your cock. Then she’ll pull out her sex toys and give an impressive little show…

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Hooker In Latex Boots Gets Fucked By Old Punter

There’s something about seeing a prostitute in thigh high boots that has always turned me on. They can all wear really sexy lingerie and uniforms, but somehow it’s the boots that mark them out as a professional slut. Serial punter Jim Slip is old enough to know exactly what a streetwalker should be wearing, which is why he has her working uniform already laid out for her back at his apartment. Stepping into the driving rain somewhere in Eastern Europe, it doesn’t take him long to pick up a random street girl, and turn her into a streetwalker.

500 Euros is all it takes for her to step into that nurse’s uniform and latex thigh boots, and fuck the old perv on cam. Now how easy was that?

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