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Dutch Hooker Gets Hard Fucking And Spanking From Stressed Out Punter

You’ve got to hand it to these Amsterdam prostitutes; they’re very enthusiastic about their sex work. There’s not a clock watcher among them…they’re all just as involved in the sex as the punter is. This video cuts straight to the chase, with a very intense looking punter banging out a week’s worth of stress into her slack pussy. He’s the type of customer who doesn’t take no for an answer, and the hooker is probably grateful that she’s fucking him in a well-lit brothel on video, and not in the back of his cab :)

But even when he’s fucked her in his favorite sexual positions, he still wants to punish her some more. The guy behind the camera tells him to ease off, but there’s not much chance of that. Spanking her ass as hard as his cock pounds her pussy, it’s surely a great relief when he finally shoots all that hot sticky cum up her cunt…

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Skinny British Hooker Wanks And Fucks A Client

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I have to say that Agnes is an unusual name for a working British prostitute. But I suppose you can only have so many Jades and Crystals, and it’s nice to be able to offer the punter something a little bit different. Dressed in a pinstripe miniskirt with black stockings and high heeled boots, sexy escort Agnes looks like she could be a city businesswoman doing a spot of moonlighting. And she clearly enjoys working as a prostitute, smiling her way through this session with a relaxed and happy punter. Kneeling astride him, with her nylon stockings rubbing against his bare legs, the sexy UK hooker expertly wanks his cock, before jumping aboard and fucking him..

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Crack Whore Tells About Her Jail Time And Sucks Cock

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Much American porn describes itself as “nasty”, but surely there can be none nastier than Crack Whore Confessions. On this site, street prostitutes talk with brutal honesty about their worst experiences, serving jail time, and desperation of drug addiction. With their skanky looks and skaggy voices, these whores will do anything for a fix, including of course fucking the customer on cam (which is actually quite pleasant when compared with some of the experiences that these street girls have had).

The streetwalker in this video is Bonnie, and she talks candidly about the drugs she’s doing, and the lesbian sex she had in jail. She’s on methodone now but she still needs the money, and she is genuinely pleased when she gets some cock to suck on…

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Old Punter Fucks Teen Street Girl In A Schoolgirl Outfit

Don’t be alarmed by the video still, Jim Slip isn’t the “Sussex strangler”! But street prostitutes seem to have much better prospects in sunny Brighton, such as going back to the genrous old punter’s apartment and filming a hardcore porn scene while wearing a schoolgirl uniform with fishnet stockings and slutty thigh high boots.

Says Jim, “Alexa was up for anything and everything. I brought up the subject of anal sex and of course she was delighted to do it. I was shocked at her sluttishness and even reproached her, but wearing that school uniform and feeling like a hooker is what made her want to do it. Needless to say I fulfilled her wishes, but wasn’t she dirty asking for it in the first place?”

It’s Brighton, Jim, they’re used to it down there…

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Amsterdam Hooker Fucking European Sex Tourist

The only problem with these Red Light Sex Trips videos, is that there is a whole lot of talking before the hardcore sex action. So fast forward through the narrator’s boring dialogue, to about halfway through when the blonde hooker finally makes an appearance. Naled apart from her slut boots, she gets paid a little extra so that they can film the session. And that’s about it, for as soon as the money is accepted, she’s on her back getting her pussy fucked by the sex tourist, and riding his cock like it’s the first one she’s had all day. There’s even some intimacy after both punter and prostitute have cum, with him offering to massage her upper body and tits. I doubt if there’s any romance in the air, but it’s always nice to see some affection after a good hard fuck…

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Teen Escort Sucks And Fucks Punter On Video

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We’ve got a serial punter on our hands here, as this older chap seems to ahave appreared in quite a lot of pic and video scenes on Real Punting. But he’s kind, he’s generous and he pays upfront, so I’m sure that word has got around amongst the hookers that he’s a quality customer to have. He’s also completely relaxed about fucking on cam, and here we find him in the charming and delightful company of teen prostitute Lily. A sexy UK escort with a lovely English Rose accent, she is accommodating and obliging as she lets her client massage her body and finger her pussy. Applying the condom over his cock, she gives him the kind of soothing blowjob that he came to the massage parlour for, followed by hardcore sex on the bed with her riding his cock.

Needless to say, the punter is thoroughly plleased with the experience, and shows his appreciation by cumming all over the happy hooker’s naked body…

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Hooker Sucks Cock And Gets Cumshot Facial

Another video from Dutch sex tourism site Red Light Sex Trips, and these working girls are nothing if not diligent in their work. No stone is unturned in the prostitute’s quest to please the punter, and if she doesn’t then there’s always another girl down the street who will. The guy in this video knows he’s got money, but you pays your money and you get what’s due! This girl is straight out of a strip bar and, when the paperwork is taken care of, punter and escort can get their rocks off with some serious hardcore sex in the back room brothel. She even offers GFE, bless her, kissing the punter fuill on the lips. But soon enough the customer gets what he paid for, and after receiving a lovely blowjob, he proceeds to fuck her pussy hard.

Her face is red by the time the guy has finished cumming. Some girls really enjoy their work ;)

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Sexy British Escort Gives Massage And Fucks Punter

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It’s good to know that not all escorts in Brighton are gay! This is the lovely Jessica…I’m not sure how brisk business is in her home town, but she seems the affectionate sort who’s happy to employ a no-rush policy, and give the lucky punter the true GFE experience that he’s looking for. Once the paperwork is taken care of, this sexy British hookker is happy to strip down to her lingerie and stockiings, and let the customer handle the goods that he’s paid for. Her relaxing massage and cheeky handjob show that she’s the kind of working girl who offers service with a smile. Noot a clock-watcher by any means, this horny UK prostitute is happy to see the job through and give her best. She lets the punter suck on her nipples, then she sucks his dick before letting him take off her panties and fuck her pussy.

All in all, money well spent…

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Amsterdam Prostitute Sex Video

I think that, prior to paying for sex, the body language of a hooker is all important. Especially if there’s a choice of more than one prostitute. Go with the one who’s making the best body language signals, because she’s the better fuck.

The Dutch whore in this video is making all the right moves and noises, to make sure that she gets the job. She opens the window and she’s flirty, smiling, teasing. Genuinely pleased to see the punters and sex tourists, mthat’s what we like to see. Needless to say she closes the deal, and once the paperwork is out of the way, both customer and escort can get down to the serious business of hardcore fucking on cam. She’s every bit as horny as her body language suggested, energetically and enthusiastically fucking the punter hard in several sexual positions and letting him cum all over her face. It’s fair to say she deserves it.

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UK Prostitute Blowjob

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Always nice to see a British hooker putting in the required effort when it comes to sucking cock. Real Punting girls know how to give “proper” blowjobs, with prolonged sexy eye contact and without a condom. Of course the rubber will be applied for the full personal service, and we can see in the pics that sexy escort Madison has a nice tight pussy. But it’s the sexy blowjob that’s made his dick nice and hard, so the lucky punter can happily bang away for the next hour, and release all of that executive stress, or whatever else he needs to get rid of.

Madison is a 19 year old UK hooker, new to the job but already confident enough to be filmed on video. A diligent and hard working girl, she looks as though she’s worth every penny…

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Student Paid To Fuck Old Punter

The silver fox withh the silver tongue, Jim Slip, has managed to entice another regular street girl into receiving payment for sex and fucking on cam. This is Alexa, a 20 year old student on holiday with her boyfriend. But BF is nowhere to be seen as MR Slip casually makes her acquaintance and invites her back to his apartment to try on his full range of school uniforms. Once she’s dressed for sex, an entirely different Alexa emerges, and she looks exactly what she now is…a prostitute in a schoolgirl outfit. After swaying her hips suggestively, this novice escort is soon down on her knees, sucking the punter’s cock while he raises her pleated skirt and fondles her arse.

Looks like she’s found a new calling in life…

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Teen Prostitute Sex Video

Teen hookers in Amsterdam are an interesting breed. They all have their own reasons to get into the sex industry at such a young age, and I’m sure that some of them put themselves in the shop window just to get noticed. But hey, it’s better than college and further education, and if the sexy teen whore has a liking both for cock and for making money, then she’s definitely in the right job. It’s not exactly in short supply, with punters and sex tourists arriving in the red light district day and night. All she has to do is flash a bit of leg and tits in the shop window, negotiate a price, and take the customer round the back for a hardcore fucking.

And if she’s looking for her 15 minutes of fame, she can always invite the folks from Red Light Sex Trips into the massage parlour, to video the whole thing…

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UK Streetwalker Fucked By Punter

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Good to see Jim Slip going all ethnic in these ever-changing times. Some old dogs are too set in their ways to embrace fresh meat, but not Mr Slip. The streets of London are changing, with Polish, Czech and Hungarian girls battling with the traditional UK streetwalkers for the attention of the punters. And these Eastern European hookers have less “baggage”, shall we say. Less mouths to feed, less fixes to fix. It’s not surprising that this influx of foreign ladies has spiced up the London street scene.

So Jim entices a Hungarian prostitute back to the comfort of his apartment, and of course sets up the cam to record the hardcore fucking. He speaks not a word of Magyar, and she not a word of English. He has a handy phrasebook, but not that he’ll be needing it, as the international language of “arse shagging” is more than enough to suffice. With the cameras rolling, “our” Jim licks the hooker’s pussy, before fucking his Euro whore hard in several sexual positions. Sz├ęp volt haver

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UK Punter Fucking Skinny Escort Girl

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It looks like some of these UK working girls are definitely in the right job. They love their work, love satisfying punters. And this sexy UK escort loves fucking on cam.

I mean, just look at the look of lust in the sexy British prostitute’s eyes, as the customer inserts his big hard dick inside her pussy. He’s no spring chicken, he’s seen better days, but still she’s happy to spread her legs and offer him a little home from home. He gets good value for money too, fucking her in several different sexual positions before shooting his load of hot sticky jizz all over her tits! She’s cum too, so a good time has been had by one and all.

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Amsterdam Prostitute Fucked By Punter

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In this prostitute porn video, we hear a lot about the “typical Dutch girl”. But what is a typical Dutch girl? Well most likely she’s a window hooker working the back streets of Amsterdam’s red light district. She’s chilled out of course, and she loves her work…she gets to fuck sex tourists every day AND she gets paid for it!! And the customer, for his part, is more than happy with the service. Once the paperwork is done and dusted, prostitute and punter can strip naked and have hardcore sex in the mini brothel round the back of the “shop”. Nice work if you can get it, and a nice little earner too.

The hooker dresses to impress in short skirt and high heels, and we can tell she loves her work from the flushed cheeks and dilated eyes while she’s being fucked with her favorite sex toy…

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