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Amsterdam Prostitute In Fishnets And Boots Gets Fucked

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You can usually tell which hookers love their job. Part of it is to do with the clothing they wear, and the way they carry themselves in those sexy outfits. And part of it also has to do with the way they interact with men. No matter how many cocks their pussies have taken in a day, some working girls never lose the excitement of having a new man pay her some attention.

The Amsterdam prostitute in this video seems to feel as slutty as she looks, with her blonde hair, fishnet pantyhose and knee high boots. And when the two guys sit either side of her on the bed, discussing prices and whatnot, she has that girlish excitement and flirty look that some whores never lose. In fact, she almost seems disappointed to be getting one cock instead of two, as the tour guide takes a back seat and lets the customer fuck the prostitute hard on cam…

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Prostitute Lap Dance Fuck

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Now cum on then gents, own up, we’ve all been to lap dancing clubs haven’t we? Most of the girls just go through the motions, but there’s always one who leaves a bigger impression than most, both in your wallet and in your trousers. Perhaps you’ll call her back for a second, or third dance, and maybe you’ll go VIP. Put simply, she’s the one you’ll go home and wank over, and fantasize about fucking in the VIP room. You know she won’t go any further than her job description, but you convince yourself that she would.

Well over at Real Punting, the sexy British escorts and hookers understand your needs and are more than happy to fulfil them. The fantasy will start as a regular lap dance, and despite working in the confines of a brothel, the prostitute shows you that she’s got all the moves, slowly grinding her cunt against your cock. But once she’s got you hard, she’s not gonna disappear because the song’s finished, or swap with the ugly girl who was dancing with your mate. You want extras, then extras you can have…

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Street Girl In School Uniform

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Jim Slip’s UK Street Sluts is one of those sites where, although the girls aren’t actually hookers, they are paid for sex. What, you may ask, is the difference? Well that’s a damn good question, and hopefully it’s one that Mr Slip and his eager young charges can answer.

In my opinion, and probably in Jim’s opinion too, girls in school uniform make the best streetwalkers. There’s just something extra depraved about kerb-crawling alongside a girl in schoolgirl outfit, rolling the tinted windows down and asking her if she’d like a ride. And if you’re lucky, the paperwork might be over and done with before the word “prostitute” enters her head.

A large part of this site’s charm comes from Mr Slip himself. Suave, depraved and downright dirty, he is the embodiment of a certain kind of British punter. He has a way with the ladies too, the younger the better. I mean, look at that big beaming smile on her face as she rides the older man’s dick. How could she not be enjoying herself?

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Hooker Porn Video On Demand

Red Light District Prostitute Porn


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Another Amsterdam hooker puts herself in the shop window, even venturing outside to entice in the punters. It’s cold standing there in her lingerie and panties, but she’ll soon warm up with a customer’s hands all over her body, and his hard cock inside her wet pussy. Of course she’s not kept waiting long, as a guy soon shows up to fuck this hot Dutch prostitute.

With the paperwork out of the way, the whore and client can soon settle down to some hardcore fucking while being filmed on cam. Like all experienced hookers, she knows which sexual positions she prefers, and soon she finds herself bent over the sink while the punter fucks her from behind. She even 69′s him and fucks him in the toilets, the dirty bitch…

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British Escort Sex

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Now there are many Irish hookers working as prostitutes in the UK escort scene, and most of them are very hot and fantastic at fucking. A Catholic education can do some funny things to a girl, and help ensure that she chooses to fornicate for a living. This lucky punter has got his hands full, as this Irish escort looks the feisty type. Once the paperwork is out of the way, this sexy hooker can tease and seduce her client while wearing purple silk lingerie.

It isn’t long before the lingerie is stripped off, and the prostitute can settle down to sucking the customer’s dick, giving him an OWO he’ll never forget. Once he’s been massaged and sucked into a frenzy, he gets the hooker on her knees and fucks her hard from behind…

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Black Prostitute In Amsterdam


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This ebony hooker is much in demand, in the murky back streets of Amsterdam’s red light district. She’s all dressed up in black lingerie and stockings, to entice passing punters into a little more than just window shopping. She’s got all the tricks of the trade to coax the customers inside. The big sexy smile, the pleading tone in her voice to make you feel like you’re rescuing a damsel in distress. Perhaps this European whore will be a little more direct, and make gestures to let the customer know that it’s time to get his wallet out.

Paperwork duly dealt with, it’s time to get inside a nice warm brothel and get straight down to business. First the slut shows off her blowjob skills, giving the customer some really good oral sex before letting him finger her pussy. Then she rides his cock, without a condom, before letting him fuck her from behind to finish the session off with.

Not a clock watcher, this one. She genuinely loves her work…

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UK Prostitute Fucked By Punter

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The great thing about older hookers is that they’re just as vulnerable to compliments as other mature women are. It doesn’t matter how many lines on her face she’s got, or how many customers she’s fucked in her “career”. Older escorts and working girls like to be told that they look good, because they still have one or two soft spots.

Sacha, a Brazilian prostitute working in the UK, obviously likes the cut of this punter’s jib. He’s saying all the right things, and she sits nice and close, laughing and smiling with him. Is she close enough to chance a sneaky kiss? Or is he too much of a gentleman, preferring to wait and pay for the goods first?

If I had a milf hooker with me wearing thigh high boots, I’d be rather less than gentlemanly I have to say…

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Amsterdam Prostitute Porn

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Sometimes you just want a hooker to look like a hooker. Long blonde hair, sexy figure, black lingerie, stockings, and instantly removable panties. Fortunately our Euro sex tourist seems to have landed on his feet. It’s his first visit to Amsterdam and he’s offered the guided tour, but mercifully he decides to skip the museums and head straight for the red light district. And when he spies this sexy Dutch prostitute in the shop window, he can’t wait to get inside and fuck the whore.

With the paperwork out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. The video will show just how much this brothel hooker enjoys her work. Not only is she fucking the customer in several different positions, she also invites him back for a VIP fuck later that night! Looks like our lucky punter has made a good impression…

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Busty British Prostitute Massage

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You can often tell a lot about a prostitute from the quality of her massage. Some punters prefer to skip the massage altogether, and get straight on with the oral and the sex. But an erotic massage can relax those aching limbs, and make the experience seem intimate even if the hooker doesn’t offer any actual intimacy. Something for nothing in my book.

Sexy UK escort Melinda certainly puts the time and effort into her sensual massage. She works those trained hands into the customer’s lower back, and kisses her way down before turning him over and sucking his cock. The punter’s sweating, covered in oil, and only too happy to suck on the prostitute’s big tits. We all like a working girl who tries, don’t we?

Linda’s representing Bury Massage Parlour, my local neck of the woods. Good on ya girl….

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Asian Street Hooker Porn

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Enough’s enough, let’s go to Thailand. Such has been the trail of many dirty British punters when they’re bored of the street girls here in the UK, with their skaggy voices and disappearing acts. What we need is a sweet Asian teen slut, preferably in a school uniform, to remind us why we fuck prostitutes in the first place. So let’s descend into a world of dimly-lit bars, where “waitresses” in schoolgirl skirts are more than happy to “love you longtime”.

With the paperwork out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. This cute Asian hooker is keen to show off the hardcore fucking skills that might one day earn her a passport to a better life. But she wants to indulge in a little striptease first, and show off that shaved tight teen pussy…

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Old Guy Fucks Young Prostitutes

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Now Jim Slip‘s of an age where he’s proven himself as a punter. Cruising the streets in his nice car with tinted windows, as the street ladies practically fall over themselves to get into the car with him. This could be their meal ticket, their golden opportunity to get themselves off the streets and make a better life. Not all of them make it, but at least they’re eager to please.

Tonight it’s a 2-girl special, at Jim’s luxury apartment. One of the whores is dressed in a school shirt with knee length socks, while the other opts for slutty red fishnet stockings and suspenders. They’ve worked together before, so the slut in stockings is more than happy to lick the schoolgirl’s pussy while the old man fucks her from behind…

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Prostitute Gives Customer OWO

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Don’t worry, “OWO” isn’t a disease. It’s a British abbreviation for “oral without”, ie, without a condom. Brits abroad have a habit of taking their language with them, so I’m sure this Amsterdam hooker knows all the key phrases. Looks eager to please, doesn’t she? On her knees, dressed in the standard hooker’s working uniform of lingerie, stockings and boots. Sucking her punter’s cock, and doing a damn good job of it too.

Red Light Sex Trips is a porn site that features seedy sex tourism in all its murky reality. Click through to the gallery to see the flash video. This young teenage slut looks hot in the shop window, and she looks even hotter fucking his cock…

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GFE Prostitute Sex

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Aha, the holy grail…the girlfriend experience! For many years it was an unwritten rule that prostitutes don’t kiss their punters. Maybe expensive escorts would, because you get what you pay for. But more and more brothel hookers offer this service these days, due simply to supply and demand. If she doesn’t offer it, some other whore will.

This blonde UK escort clearly loves her work. No sooner has the paperwork been dealt with then she’s allowing her eager punter to kiss her and fondle her tits, while she’s still in her stockings and lingerie. She ticks every box, because she gives OWO too. Then the slut lets her client lick her pussy and fuck her hard from behind…

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Bad Prostitute Gets Spanked

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Now here’s a left-field one, that lovers of true hooker porn might enjoy. Spanked Call Girls is a site run by Clare Fonda, who is a pretty big cheese in the spanking fetish world. No she’s not a member of the famous Fonda family, but she does have her own family of spank porn sites. In this one, it’s bad escorts and naughty prostitutes who feel the wrath of her hand, or whatever implement she chooses to employ.

Clare promises a world of hookers, hustlers, pimps and their johns, and that’s exactly what we get. She plays the Mistress madame who keeps her callgirls in line by putting them OTK (“over the knee”) and spanking them. This blonde slut gets to feel the back of Clare’s dreaded hairbrush, until she has a very sore red ass. If she’s not careful, the customers will think she likes it…

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UK Street Girl Fucking On Cam

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Now we all know that some of these slutty streetwalkers are happy to just get a cup of tea and a nice warm bed for the night. It’s a hard life for a prostitute on the street, so it’s no wonder they thrust their tits in the general direction of any passing Merc or Bentley.

And when the tinted windows are rolled down, and the offer of a porn shoot is thrust in her direction, she’s not exactly going to say no. So having fucked for her supper the night before, our dedicated street girl is up early the next day, to take pics in her working uniform of fishnet stockings, knee high boots, and wide open legs.

Looks like she’s got a new career if she keeps her nose clean…

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