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Red Light Prostitute Fuck

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Even the sex tourists like to take tourist pics. So this guy’s friend is more than happy to take photos as he plunges his cock deep into the prostitute’s loose wet cunt. She’s been around the block a few times, and has the hard face and piercings to prove it. But she loves sex and that’s why she’s doing this job. She loves standing in shop windows in Amsterdam’s red light district, enticing the punters in her working uniform of fishnet stockings and boots. And as soon as money changes hands she gets straight down to business, opening her legs wide to be pounded by the customer’s big hard dick. Without a condom too, the dirty slut.

And as soon as this guy cums inside her pussy, his friend can have a go too…

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Prostitute Gets Her Pussy Licked

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Would you go down on a hooker? In most establishments it’s against the rules, but there are some working girls who want you to break those rules. I’d advise discretion, but this willing punter is more than happy to stick his tongue into a cunt that has already been fucked several times today.

And of course it works both ways. Give the whore what she wants, and she’ll most likely do favours for you too. So it’s no surprise that in the gallery, the professional slut gives him OWO (“oral without”), before bending over and letting a hard cock pound her pussy yet again. She loves her job, she gets paid, everybody’s happy…

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Tricked Hooker Sucks Cock

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Now Escort Trick is a little bit naughty. Tricking girls into prostitution and “fucking off without paying them” isn’t how things are done on the street, and we don’t condone that sort of behavior here at Hooker Porn;) But it begs the question: if this isn’t a girl who fucks for money, why was she so furious when the guy didn’t pay?

I think maybe every girl has her price, and that every girl with a tattoo on her lower back is probably fair game. Lexie is a “club girl” (aren’t they all?) who was given a ride home, while the guy talked the talk and flashed the cash. Minutes later she was sucking his cock, before riding it and letting him fuck her from behind…

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British Street Slut Blowjob

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The prostitutes that Jim Slip picks up are just grateful to be taken off the UK’s streets and into a nice warm apartment with a bed for the night. And now that she’s not freezing her tits off, and not looking over her shoulder for police, the happy hooker can relax and settle down to doing what comes naturally to her…sucking and fucking cock. Given that Mr Slip is a distinguished punter, who’s had more whores than we’ve had hot dinners, the street girl knows that this is a client to impress. So it’s off with the clothes, save for her fishnet stockings and boots, and down to some serious cocksucking. That’s a good suction technique she’s got going on there, honed from many years of experience, and Jim certainly isn’t complaining.

I don’t know which customer paid for the boob job, but I’m sure she had it done in case she got a big break. Looks like this could be her chance to kiss goodbye to the streets, so let’s hope she keeps her nose clean…

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UK Prostitute Fucked By Client

uk hooker porn

Oh come on, we’ve all been there, early on in our punting lives. Handling the goods before paying for them. This eager punter can’t keep his hands to himself. But this sexy brothel prostitute has seen it all before. She’s had worse on the streets, and the money’s worth the hassle. She’s just grateful to be working in a nice warm massage parlour, and she spends her money wisely these days.

In the gallery we can see just what a natural she is for both prostitution and porn. All dressed up in stockings and boots, she takes great pride and pleasure in her work. She does all the standard hooker positions, like kneeling across the guy’s thighs while giving him a handjob. She likes to ride his cock too, and grinds her arse like a true professional.

Real Punting. So real you can almost smell the tart’s perfume…

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British Street Hooker Sex

uk street whore

Now it takes more than just a cold spell to keep a UK street prostitute from stepping out at night. Just ask the working girls of Ipswich! These slutty streetwalkers have got mouths to feed, pimps to pay, and whatever else they spend their hard earned money on. This is one business that won’t be shutting up shop because of snow.

But what these girls are really looking for, of course, is a nice warm car ride to a nice plush apartment. She can relax a little more, perform a striptease without worrying about freezing her tits off. And because the client’s so generous, she’s happy to go that extra mile. She gets up on the furniture in her fishnet stockings and thigh high boots, before getting down to business and sucking the customer’s cock…

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Prostitute Sex In Amsterdam

prostitute porn

This dirty hooker likes to get fucked from behind, as do many other prostitutes. That way, if they don’t like the look of the client, they can just settle back and enjoy his cock without having to look at him. This Amsterdam slut is loving it though, and is happy to fuck the punter in all sexual positions. She’s just grateful to get a cock that can stay hard, and give her a good pounding throughout the session. And best of all, she’s still got his friend to have sex with next. All in a day’s work.

She was asking for it really, putting herself in the shop window in Amsterdam’s red light district dressed in those garish red stockings and knee high boots. She looks a bit skinny though, could do with a bit of meat inside her. Let’s hope she spends that money wisely…

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UK Prostitute Fucked By Client

prostitute porn

You can tell that Madison‘s been on the job from the redness of her knees. Even black fishnet stockings aren’t enough to hide this hooker’s dirty little secret. She enjoys her work, she gets paid for it, everybody’s happy. And this lucky punter seems to be having no trouble keeping his end of the bargain up. Bet her pussy’s nice and tight too.

So we’ve established that she likes it doggystyle, and from the look on her face I’ll bet that she likes it any way she can get it. In the gallery we can see her fucked in several positions, before the happy customer gets to cum all over her face.

Form an orderly queue at the door, gents…

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Amsterdam Hooker Fucking

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Judging from the daylight, this brunette Dutch prostitute is very keen to get started on her work and lure in a couple of “window shoppers” before darkness descends. She’s dressed like the consummate whore in her sexy black lingerie, fishnet stockings and boots. And it isn’t long before two lucky punters make themselves known to her. They’re just looking, but she opens her legs and beckons them inside, and needless to say they’re only too happy to join her.

Money safely in hand, it’s time to get on with the serious business of fucking this Amsterdam whore. She sucks their cocks, she fucks them, and she even lets them pull her hair and lick her pussy. It’s always good to encounter a slut who’s prepared to relax her professional boundaries..

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Lesbian Hookers 2-Girl Special

uk prostitute lesbians

Of course most of us regular punters have fantasised about a 2-girl special, but how many of us have actually done it? The really hot working girls who know that they’re good together tend to quote ridiculous prices, and the cheaper sluts might not be worth the gamble.

If you’re name’s Jim Slip, however, money is no object. He’s got a nice pad, and the streetwalkers know that they’re stepping into more salubrious surroundings. And when he throws hard cash at every possible suggestion, the street hookers know that they’re onto a winner. Which might explain why these 2 blonde prostitutes are only too willing to get on the floor and perform a 69 lesbian show for him. Anything else he might require, they’re only too happy to oblige…

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UK Hooker In Stockings

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This sexy brunette British prostitute sits on the bed the way they all sit, when discussing services and prices before the happy event. She’ll make herself look all sensual and seductive, assisted of course by her lingerie, stockings and friendly smile. It is now that she might like to mention the more “intimate” services that she offers, such as GFE and OWO (don’t look it up if you’re not from the UK). Yes she’ll kiss, but it comes at a price. If you’re not prepared to part with your cash, then you’ll have to accept a more basic service.

Money safely in hand, we all know what comes next. She’ll leave the room to powder her nose, or do whatever the fuck it is that hookers do when they leave the room. And then when she comes back, it’s straight down to business. Shall we start with a massage, or should we move straight to the hardcore fucking?

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Amsterdam Prostitute Fucks 2 Guys

amsterdam prostitute threesome

Those of us who are regulars at this sort of thing (*cough*) will understand just how great it is to find a prostitute who really enjoys her work. The hooker experience can be so hit-and-miss. If you’re fucking a clock-watcher who has no interest in the sex, then chances are you’ll end up feeling bad about the whole thing, and probably ripped off too. But if you’re fucking a whore who can’t believe how lucky she is to take cock all day and get paid for it, then chances are you’ve unearthed a hidden gem, and might even go back for more.

This hot blonde Amsterdam hooker falls into that category. She’s so desperate for sex she can’t even wait to get her red lingerie, stockings and boots off. Professional that she is, she just wants to get straight on with the job of being fucked from behind by customers who spotted her in the shop window and decided to take a bite. And the best thing for her is that she’s got another guy waiting to climb aboard when his mate’s done the deed…

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UK Street Hooker In Miniskirt

uk street prostitute porn

Now despite having to have their wits about them, sometimes a street prostitute can take her eye off the ball. She’s so focused on watching the road, hoping for a big score with a man in a flashy car, that she doesn’t notice there’s a pedestrian punter coming towards her. He was so taken by her tarty denim miniskirt and slutty knee high boots, that he rushed to the cash machine on impulse. He wants business, but does she?

Turns out she does, and she’s quite the performer once she gets going. She even invites her pimp along for the ride, so that she’s got 2 guys to suck and fuck. Which means that no-one’s looking out for the police, but if they know what’s good for them they’ll join in the sex anyway…

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UK Street Prostitute In Schoolgirl Outfit

uk hooker gives blowjob

Looks like Jim Slip has offered a little sanctuary to another UK street girl who clearly needs the cash. Cum on inside, it’s nice and warm here. The streets are really no place for such a sexy young girl. Place is crawling with police, she’ll be better off indoors. She’s all dressed up in a schoolgirl uniform and could attract all sorts of unwanted attention.

Luckily for her, Jim Slip has a nice penthouse, and presumably isn’t short of a bob or two. So perhaps this prostitute in pleated skirt and knee-length socks might like to get down on her knees and suck his cock? He’s more than willing to pay for British pussy, and any additional extras can be negotiated later on…

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UK Escort In Short Skirt And Stockings

uk escort porn

Now this is what we want from a real escort who sells herself as classy. Touting for business in a business suit, topped off of course with miniskirt, stockings and high heels. The perfect secretary companion for an important business function.

This sexy hooker is even classy when it comes to her strip tease. Slow and seductive, peeling off her blouse, jacket and shirt, leaving only her stockings and suspenders. The customer is already sold on this prostitute, but the whore is happy to spread her legs and masturbate just to make sure she closes the deal. She’s happy to let the guy finger her cunt before the price has even been finalised…

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